Transform Your Home with Carpets to You: A Story of Quality and Convenience [5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet in New Fairfield, CT]

Transform Your Home with Carpets to You: A Story of Quality and Convenience [5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet in New Fairfield, CT] info

What is Carpets to You New Fairfield CT?

Carpets to You is a carpet store located in New Fairfield, Connecticut that specializes in providing custom flooring solutions for homes and businesses. They offer a wide selection of carpets, including area rugs and runners, as well as hardwood and vinyl plank flooring options.

  • Carpets to You has been serving the greater Danbury area since 1996.
  • They provide full-service installation, with expert professionals handling everything from measurement to clean-up.
  • Customers can schedule an appointment for a free consultation and estimate.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Perfect Carpet with Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT

Are you tired of walking on the same dull floors every day? Is it time for a change, something more vibrant and comfortable like a luxurious carpet? If so, Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT is the perfect place to go for all your flooring needs. Here is our step-by-step guide to getting the perfect carpet with Carpets to You.

Step 1: Visit Our Showroom

The first step in finding the perfect carpet is a visit to our showroom. Here, you will have access to a wide variety of high-quality carpets in various colors and styles. Our experienced team will be available to assist you in making an informed decision on which option best suits your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Step 2: Let’s Talk Comfort

There is nothing better than sinking your feet into plush and cozy carpeting after a long day at work. That’s why we always ensure that our products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer excellent comfort levels. Whether it’s cut pile or loop pile carpets, make sure you choose what feels good underfoot.

Step 3: Determine Your Budget

At Carpets To You, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality products at affordable prices. Therefore, determining your budget upfront helps match you with the right options without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that many factors can impact cost, including material type (wool vs synthetics), room size and building requirements.

Step 4: Consider Durability

A durable carpet option should be able to withstand daily wear-and-tear and last longer before needing replacement or repairs – this aspect shouldn’t be neglected when deciding which one suits best. Consider how much foot traffic occurs throughout each room and pick accordingly; we have plenty of options specifically developed for demanding spaces such as commercial buildings or large families!

Step 5: Choose Your Style & Color

Our showroom has endless choices when it comes down to style and color options – including low-pile carpet, high-pile carpets, textured plush carpets and even patterned pieces. It’s always a good idea to bring in paint colors or textures (or even fabric samples) from your interiors so we can guide you on what combinations will work best with your sense of style & surroundings.

Step 6: Let Us Handle the Installation!

Our showroom team includes professional installers that will ensure your new carpet fits perfectly for optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our installation process generally takes just a few hours and leaves no mess behind – making sure everything is perfectly clean before we leave.

At Carpets To You, our primary goal is always to put customers first – prioritizing their questions & concerns while helping them find the perfect carpet flooring solution that meets all their requirements. We make it simple for our patrons by walking through each step of the process smoothly and efficiently offering not only top-quality service but also matching affordable prices with unbeatable craftsmanship– So why wait? Come visit our New Fairfield CT showroom now!

Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Carpet

Are you tired of looking at your outdated and worn out flooring but don’t know where to begin the search for a new carpet? Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT is here to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process of choosing the perfect carpet for your home.

Q: What should I consider before buying a carpet?
A: Before making any decisions, think about the traffic patterns in your home, who will be using the room(s), and how much time and effort you are willing to commit to maintenance. Additionally, consider any pets or allergies within your household that may require specific fibers or treatments.

Q: Can I install my own carpet?
A: While it is possible to install carpet on your own, we highly recommend leaving it up to the professionals. Improper installation can result in premature wear and tear or even injury due to loose edges or uneven flooring.

Q: How do I choose the right color and design for my room?
A: When selecting a color or design, keep in mind factors such as lighting, furniture styles and colors, wall colors, and personal preference. If you’re unsure of what would look best in your space, bring samples home with you or consult with one of our experienced designers.

Q: Which fiber is best for my lifestyle?
A: Different fibers have varying levels of durability and stain resistance. Nylon is known for its toughness while wool is a natural insulator. Polyester offers both softness and stain resistance while olefin resists moisture well. Consult with one of our experts to determine which fiber would suit your lifestyle best.

Q: What type of padding should I use under my carpet?
A: A high-quality padding can prolong the life of your carpet by reducing wear and tear from foot traffic. It can also improve sound insulation within the room as well as temperature regulation. Our team can recommend padding based on your needs.

At Carpets to You, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to find the perfect carpet for your home. Stop by our showroom in New Fairfield, CT or schedule an appointment with one of our experienced professionals today.

Top 5 Facts About Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT That Will Surprise You

Carpets can be found in almost every household or office space, and you may think you know everything there is to know about them. But did you know that carpets have a rich history, and are not only fashionable but also functional? Here are the top 5 facts about carpets that will surprise you.

1) Carpets were first made by hand over 5000 years ago.

Yes, it’s true- carpets were not always commercially produced in factories. The art of weaving carpets by hand dates back to ancient Persia (now present-day Iran), where they were used as decorative wall hangings for homes of the wealthy. It was only after the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century that carpet production became mechanized and carpets became more affordable.

2) Carpets can reduce noise pollution in your home or workplace.

One of the lesser-known benefits of having a carpeted floor is its ability to act as a natural sound absorber. Hard flooring surfaces like tile or hardwood reflect sound waves, causing echoes and disturbing noises. However, carpet fibers absorb sound waves resulting in a quieter environment which is perfect for libraries, bedrooms, or even busy office spaces.

3) Carpets can trap dust and allergen particles

Carpets are often criticized for accumulating dirt and dust particles over time. However, what many people don’t realize is that carpet fibers actually trap these particles from circulating into the air we breathe. Consequently, allergies caused by pollen or pet dander may be reduced through regular vacuuming – which removes those trapped harmful pollutants – leaving your living spaces cleaner than ever.

4) Bamboo rugs are one emerging trend to look out for!

Bamboo as an eco-friendly flooring option has become increasingly popular during recent times because this material grows rapidly without requiring any irrigation nor pesticides!! So naturally given this idea it has extended towards rug-making too! And who does not love adding an excellent piece that benefits our earth while it looks good at the same time?

5) Carpets can tell area-specific stories

Carpets are often used to weave traditional designs that reflect a particular culture, story or region. For example, Persian carpets typically feature intricate floral patterns and designs inspired by the gardens of Iran, while Moroccan rugs have bold geometric shapes and bright colors reflecting African heritage.

That’s why homeowners in New Fairfield CT properly search for unique local rug-dealers who can procure carpets not only from Turkey, India or Pakistan but also locally made carpets which features their signature styles!

In conclusion, carpets have come a long way since their days as handwoven pieces in ancient Persia. They have a current use value depending on your needs: acting as natural noise absorbers or reducing dust pollutants to simply adding an aesthetic touch to your home decor. Their enduring popularity and versatility are testaments to their many uses and benefits-providing besides being stylish!

How Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT Can Help You Choose the Right Color and Texture for Your Room

When it comes to designing a room, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is selecting the right carpeting. Choosing the right color and texture can make or break the look and feel of your space. That’s why it’s crucial to choose experts like Carpets To You in New Fairfield, CT, who can help guide you through this important decision.

Firstly, let’s talk about color. The choice of color is critical in determining the overall appearance of a room. A well-chosen carpet color has the ability to tie together all the other design elements in a room, including walls, furniture and decor.

At Carpets To You, their team understands what impact different colors have on a room’s atmosphere. For example, if your living room gets lots of natural light and you’re looking for an inviting warm feeling try deep reds or neutral beige colors as they will really help create a cozy atmosphere that feels like home.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more serene with calm energy and a Zen-like vibe for your bedroom or study; go for cool-toned blues that are soothing yet energizing enough to keep you focused throughout your workday.

But choosing just any old color scheme could lead to dull or mismatched surroundings – that’s why we recommend talking with knowledgeable experts beforehand like our associates at Carpets To You!

Now let’s move on to texture. Texture significantly impacts how people perceive their environment; it can affect visual appeal as well as add tactile gratification underfoot which is sure to draw people back into your space time and time again.

A common mistake owners often make when picking out flooring is assuming all textures are created equal. At Carpets To You we offer an expansive collection of styles ranging from plush shags quite different than patterned Berber carpets giving unparalleled options with premium quality textures everyone will love!

For instance- Berber Carpeting is known for its durability due uniquely tightly looped fibers, while shag deserves its reputation for offering next-level comfort.

But don’t despair if you’re worried about purchasing new carpeting sight unseen. Our friendly staff is here to help guide you towards the option that meets your budget, aesthetic preferences and will give you peace of mind knowing we offer easy care instructions leading to years of enjoyment.

Whether you need a cozy atmosphere for a bedroom or an energizing workspace in your office; choosing the right color and texture is key. That’s where Carpets To You can make all the difference! With their expert team working alongside talented Interior Designers providing an unparalleled selection, we know that together we can turn your space into one that truly shines- leaving lasting impressions on visitors for years to come.

Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Carpets from Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT

Carpets are one of the most essential parts of a household’s interior design, bringing warmth, comfort and style to any home. They provide insulation, which helps keep rooms warm during winter and cool in summer. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain them regularly for an extended lifespan.

As with any other stuff at our homes, carpets require regular cleaning and maintenance. Carpets that haven’t been maintained can collect dirt, allergens and other debris over time. Cleaning your carpets will not only remove this grime but also extend their life and improve your indoor air quality.

Here are some expert tips from Carpets To You in New Fairfield, CT on how to maintain your carpets:

1) Vacuum – Regular vacuuming helps prevent the buildup of dirt and other particles in your carpets. Professionals suggest vacuuming at least once a week or more if you have kids or pets who might bring additional filth into your house.

2) Spot Cleaning – Accidents happen! It is essential to address spills as soon as they occur by using spot cleaner sprays designed explicitly for carpets or natural cleaning agents like vinegar for quick cleanups.

3) Deep Clean– Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can be done every 12-18 months depending upon the usage of the carpeted areas.The professionals at Carpets To You use advanced equipment that extracts dirt deep down inside while keeping it safe from damage.

4) Protective Measures – Using doormats at entrances can help reduce pollutants entering the house,giving less chance for your carpet to get dirty.Professionals recommend area rugs over high traffic areas like hallways ;it extends its life-span by taking most of the footfalls than directly on carpets.

5) Keep Your Shoes Out – It’s an age-old practice suggested by professionals.Avoid wearing shoes indoors;kindly put them out before stepping inside indoors.Why? Shoes tend to bring outside dirt right into the house making all our efforts go into vain.

In conclusion, maintaining your carpets requires effort and devotion. Regular upkeep and professional cleaning services go a long way in increasing carpet performance, longevity and hygiene.Carpets To You provides expert tips on the care of carpets,as well as quick repair solutions to their customers in New Fairfield, CT. Get your hands on our services today!

From Consultation to Installation: What the Process is Like with Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT

Choosing the right flooring for your home or business can be a daunting task. There are many options to consider such as hardwood, tiles, and carpets, each with their own unique features and benefits. While all these flooring options have their merits, we at Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT specialize in providing high-quality carpet installations that will elevate the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your living space.

But how exactly does our process work? From consultation to installation, here is what you can expect when you choose us for your carpeting needs:


The first step in our process is scheduling an appointment for a consultation. Our design experts will visit your home or office space to take measurements and assess factors such as lighting conditions and existing décor that may influence the selection of your perfect carpet. We will work with you closely throughout the consultation process to ensure that the carpeting matches perfectly with your personal preferences and style choices.


After establishing a clear understanding of what you’re looking for after our consultation, it’s time for us to show you our wide array of rug options! You’ll go through various considerations such as colour, texture/pile height/polish level – this helps determine how easy it is to clean among others. We have samples available so that our customers can view how they look against background colours before choosing a particular item.


Once we’ve helped you make some selections on carpets-rug preferences ,we’ll provide an estimate with recommended padding so that there isn’t excessive wear/tearing over time. The estimate cost often includes labour/materials involved in producing/seaming/carpet-fitting alongside all traditional products like premium stain guards etc., materials used whether it’s woolen synthetic fiber rugs or waterproofed ones just depending on customer requests/preference.


The next part involves installing the custom ordered carpets. Once ordered from its suppliers, it arrives at fitting location usually via freight carrier services . Installing a carpet can be complex and tedious work that requires skill and precision, which is why our professional installers are the go-to experts for job completion. They’ll lay down tackless strips around floor perimeter then roll out underfelt to level up any minor flooring imperfections present beforehand securing carpet onto them as they work their way through rooms. It’s paramount that carpets are installed properly with proper seaming technique, these involve special trimming of edges for flush fitting by hand without leaks or air spaces gaps.

Final Walk-Through

After installation, we perform a final walk-through to ensure customer satisfaction with our services. Should there be any concerns , Our team will take appropriate action steps promptly to address it.

In conclusion, choosing Carpets To You in New Fairfield Connecticut is the smartest choice! With access to high-quality carpets and unrivaled installation expertise from our experienced professionals, you can trust us to provide an unbeatable service when it comes to carpeting your living spaces. Contact us today for a consultation!

Table with Useful Data:

Type of Carpet Price per square foot Carpet Thickness
Plush $3.99 7/16″
Frieze $2.99 1/2″
Berber $2.49 3/8″
Commercial $3.99 1/4″

Information from an expert

As an expert in the carpet industry, I highly recommend considering Carpets to You in New Fairfield, CT for your flooring needs. They offer a wide variety of carpets in different materials, colors and textures that can fit any style or budget. Additionally, they have quality installation services that will ensure your new carpet is installed properly and professionally. With their exceptional customer service and attention to detail, Carpets to You is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for new carpeting in their home or business.

Historical fact: Carpets have been used for centuries as a form of decoration and insulation in homes, with evidence dating back to ancient civilizations such as Persia and Egypt.

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