Revamp Your Home with Barbers Carpets: A Story of Style and Comfort [5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet]

Revamp Your Home with Barbers Carpets: A Story of Style and Comfort [5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet] Carpet Installation

What is barbers carpets?

Barbers carpets is a type of carpet weaving technique that originates from England. It involves cutting loops of yarn to create patterns and designs on the carpet surface, resulting in a unique and textured appearance. One must-know fact about barbers carpets is that it’s relatively durable due to its tightly woven structure. Additionally, the technique allows for intricate designs to be created on the surface of the carpet, making it a popular choice for high-end residential and commercial spaces.

How To Make the Perfect Barbers Carpet at Home? A Step-by-Step Guide

Barbers take pride in their craft and their tools, but one thing that is often overlooked is the barbers carpet. A good barbers carpet will not only protect your shop floors but also add to the overall aesthetic of your workspace. Making a quality barbers carpet at home may seem daunting, but with this step-by-step guide, you’ll have the perfect one in no time.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before you begin making your barbers carpet, you’ll need to gather all necessary materials. You’ll need a piece of vinyl flooring or plastic canvas cut to the desired size of your carpet, fabric glue or a hot glue gun, and a heavy-duty fabric like denim or cotton duck.

Step 2: Cut Fabrics

Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure and cut down the fabric to fit over the vinyl flooring/plastic canvas. The fabric should be an inch larger than the vinyl or plastic on each side for folding purposes.

Step 3: Apply Fabric Glue/Hot Glue

Using either a fabric glue or hot glue gun (depending on personal preference), apply it evenly over the backside of the heavy-duty fabric.

Step 4: Start Folding

Take one end of the fabric and place it onto one end of the vinyl/plastic. Fold over both sides so that they meet in the center on top of the vinyl/plastic surface. Secure edges with clips as you go along.

Step 5: Repeat Folding Method

Continue to fold each lengthwise until you reach about an inch away from where it meets middle section already created. Then repeat this same process with all width-wise portions including any leftover pieces around edges—fold them over so that they meet at this point too!

Step 6: Smooth Out Any Bumps

Use hands gently press down firmly across entire surface area while smoothing out any bumps formed due bending corners during assembly process – helping prevent wrinkles from forming early on within newly created barbers carpet.

Step 7: Trim Excess

If there is any excess fabric that’s making it difficult to fold the corners neatly, trim it off with some scissors or a sharp blade.

Step 8: Allow Glue to Dry

Allow glue to dry completely before using your new barbers carpet. Once it has dried, use it on the floor of your workspace and watch as it enhances the overall appearance you take pride in presenting professionalism towards customers from all walks of life!


And that’s how you make the perfect barbers carpet at home! With just a few materials and some simple steps, you can create a durable and stylish accessory for your shop floors. The process may seem intimidating at first, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to crank out beautiful carpets in no time. So get started today – your shop deserves nothing but the best!

Top 5 Incredible Facts about Barbers Carpets You Probably Don’t Know!

Barbers carpets are a type of rug that has been enjoyed for centuries by people around the world. These beautiful pieces belong to the category of Oriental carpets and hold a prominent place in the world of hand-woven textiles. Although many may be familiar with these stunning rugs, there are still some fascinating facts that you may not know about them. So, let’s dive into the top 5 incredible facts about barbers carpets that will leave you astonished!

Fact 1: Originated from Barber Regions

Barbers Carpets were first produced in the northwest region of Persia known as Azerbaijan, which was historically referred to as “Barbar.” The region is located near the border between Iran and Armenia and is famous for producing rugs with intricate designs and vivid colors that reflected their unique culture.

Fact 2: Part of UNESCO-Listed Iranian Intangible Heritage

In addition to being popular worldwide, Barbers Carpets also have significant cultural value as they are part of UNESCO-listed Persian Intangible Heritage. The carpet weaving tradition found in this zone headed towards becoming an intangible cultural heritage listing due to its historical significance to Persians.

Fact 3: Flower-Patterns Holding Significant Meaning

Flower-patterns on Barbers Carpet have hidden meanings behind them. It is believed that each flower represents something different like Lily patterns symbolize tenderness while Peony indicates good fortune; Roses represent love and affection.

Fact 4: Expert Weavers Take Months/years to Make One Rug

Hand-weaving Barbers Carpets can take several months up to years; it involves expert weavers’ intense craftsmanship who put their decades-long experience together in every single knot on a carpet. Vibration techniques are used mostly during production stages; these techniques show experienced artisans’ expertise.

Fact 5: Unique Blend Of Colors For Each Carpet

Each Barbers Carpet contains its own unique blend of colors selected by weavers according to their inspiration, style and design of the rug. The fusion created in these blends, coupled with intricate patterns and designs, make Barbers Carpets one of a kind, never to be repeated.

In conclusion, Barbers Carpets are more than just an ordinary rug; their impressive craftsmanship, history of origin and hidden meanings behind their flower-patterns make them a valuable piece of art. So next time you come across one of these stunning carpets or find yourself in possession of one – remember these incredible facts that make them so unique!

Frequently Asked Questions About Barbers Carpets – Get All Your Answers Here!

Barbers Carpets has been around for over 40 years, providing top-quality carpets and flooring solutions to customers all over the UK. Over the years, we’ve received a lot of questions from our customers about our products, services and processes.

We believe that it’s important for our customers to have all the information they need before making a purchase. So, in this blog post, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Barbers Carpets.

What types of carpets do you offer?

At Barbers Carpets, we offer a wide range of carpets to suit every taste and budget. We have everything from luxurious deep pile wool carpets to hard-wearing synthetic carpets perfect for high-traffic areas. We also offer natural fibre carpets such as sisal and seagrass which are perfect for eco-conscious customers.

Do you provide installation services?

Yes, we do! Our team of expert fitters will ensure that your new carpet is installed perfectly so that it lasts for years to come. Plus, with our lifetime labour guarantee, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

How long does it take to install a carpet?

Installation times vary depending on the size of the room and other variables such as subfloor preparation. However, our team aims to complete each installation within one day.

Do you offer any additional services?

Yes! In addition to carpet installation, we also offer flooring repairs and cleaning services. If your carpet needs a little TLC after years of wear and tear or if there’s damage that needs fixing – we’ve got you covered!

Can I request samples before purchasing?

Absolutely! We understand that deciding on a carpet can be tricky without seeing it in person first. That’s why we offer free samples so that you can get an idea of how the colour and texture will look in your home before making a final decision.

How long will my new carpet last?

The lifespan of your new carpet depends on several factors such as the quality of the carpet, foot traffic and how well it’s maintained. However, a good quality carpet installed by our team can last up to 10 years or longer.

Are your carpets eco-friendly?

We’re committed to providing eco-friendly products where possible. Our natural fibre carpets are made from sustainable materials that are biodegradable and have minimal impact on the environment. Plus, we offer underlay made from recycled materials which helps to reduce waste.

We hope that this blog post has answered some of your burning questions about Barbers Carpets! If you have any more queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d be happy to help.

The Pros and Cons of Using Barbers Carpets in Your Home or Business Setting

When it comes to carpets, Barbers has been a popular choice for centuries. It is a versatile and durable option that many homeowners and business owners have turned to. However, like any other product, there are pros and cons to using Barbers as your flooring.

Here are some of the pros of using Barbers in your home or business setting:

1. Durability – One of the biggest advantages of Barbers is its ability to withstand wear and tear. It can handle high traffic areas without showing signs of damage or wear. This makes it perfect for busy commercial spaces where heavy foot traffic is expected.

2. Versatility – Another advantage of Barbers is its versatility in design and color options. It can be found in countless patterns and hues which can match any decor or theme one may have in their home or business setting.

3. Low maintenance – If you want low maintenance floors with minimal fuss then a Barber carpet will be an ideal fit for you .They do not require frequent cleaning as they resist stains, spills, dirt easily.

4. Affordability – When compared to other types of carpets on the market,Barber carpets typically come with less expensive price tags than more luxurious styles out there.Great for those who prefer quality over huge budgets

However, just like anything else, there are also some disadvantages of using Barbers in your home or business setting:

1.Susceptibility to moisture- Carpet made from wool can be sensitive to excess moisture which leaves odour behind and might pose health risks.The dampness attracts moulds,it retains smell regardless how many times you vacuum even after professional cleaning which means adverse health effects normally experienced by people allergic to moulds.

2.Difficulty Cleaning – Most folks may find it quite challenging removing stubborn stains from Barber carpets thus regular cleaning doesn’t remove grime-caused odours unless professionally cleaned regularly taking away the affordability benefit .

3.Weakening Fibres- Being a natural product, Barbers tends to break down over time thus fibres weaken and forming bald patches leaving a frayed carpet requiring replacement in the long term compared to more robust materials.

4. Allergy Triggers – Although Barbers are soft and comfortable underfoot, they also tend to collect a lot of dirt,dust particles, pollen and dander which could trigger allergies especially in people with respiratory issues or sensitive skin.Thus it’s not an ideal flooring option for those allergic or hypersensitive.

To conclude ,Barber carpets are a good choice for both homes & businesses seeking budget-friendly, highly versatile durable flooring options. However, it is important to consider these pros and cons before making any final decision. By doing your research beforehand and taking into account your unique needs and preferences, you can choose the perfect carpet that will meet all of your requirements without any surprises down the road!

How to Choose the Right Design, Size, and Material for Your Ideal Barber’s Carpet?

A barber’s carpet is not just any regular floor mat. It is a statement piece that represents the personality and style of your barbershop. As such, it’s important to choose the right design, size, and material for your ideal barber’s carpet.


The design of your barber’s carpet should reflect the style and atmosphere of your barbershop. Consider choosing a classic or vintage pattern if you have a retro-themed shop, or go for bright colors and bold designs if you have a modern or eclectic style.

One important factor to consider when choosing the design is its ability to hide hair clippings and spills. A busy pattern or color can help to camouflage debris left behind during haircuts. Additionally, consider purchasing a carpet with strong antimicrobial properties that will guard against bacteria buildup.


The size of your barber’s carpet is crucial when it comes to functionality as well as aesthetics. It should be large enough to accommodate all areas where hair can fall but small enough so that it doesn’t become an obstruction for staff or customers moving around the shop.

Measurements must be taken into consideration before purchasing; measure spaces where clients’ chairs are situated, cutting stations and general traffic routes, so you can determine the appropriate dimensions required.


When selecting material options for a barbershop—durability should take precedence over aesthetic beauty! Barbershops by nature experience considerable foot traffic throughout operating hours with objects frequently dragging across floors such as equipment stands on wheels which pose scratches on delicate materials like carpets.

Opting for heavy-duty fiber carpets like nylon or olefin (polypropylene) accommodates high traffic volume without causing damage – keeping them looking good for longer periods – even after customary vacuuming sessions.

Another key functionality of these heavy fabrics are their non-slip feature which provides substantial grip support– helping folks maintain balance while walking over wet surfaces in bathrooms thus reducing dangers!

In Conclusion:

Choosing the right barber’s carpet is not just about the design, but also the size and material. You’ll want to look for a design that represents your barbershop’s aesthetic and functions practically by hiding clippings – crucial cleanliness feature.

In consideration of size, take measurements where you need carpets placed so that they’re appropriately proportioned for optimal clearance from interfering with foot-traffic. Finally, selecting durable materials is key; besides looking aesthetically pleasing, heavy-duty fibers are able to withstand high-traffic without becoming damaged prematurely while providing its non-slip property which helps to maintain customers’ safety especially around wet floors in bathrooms. Keep these tips in mind when choosing your ideal barber’s carpet, and you’ll have one that perfectly fits your needs!

Innovative Ways to Incorporate Barbers Carpets Into Modern Interior Design Trends

Barbers carpets are a classic style of rug that have been around for centuries. These beautiful pieces of art can be found in many different designs and colors, making them a popular addition to any room. What makes barbers carpets so desirable is their versatility when it comes to incorporating them into modern interior design trends.

Today, we’ll explore some innovative ways to use barbers carpets in your home or office’s decor.

1. Add a pop of color with a bold barber carpet

Using bright colors can be intimidating in your interior design, especially if you’re worried about overdoing it. Incorporating a boldly patterned barber carpet provides an excellent opportunity to introduce vibrant and bright hues without overwhelming the space. A red and blue color combination could create just the right amount of drama while still allowing other thoughtful touches around the room to stand out.

2. Incorporate Barbers Carpets In A Single-colored Scheme

Suppose you prefer a more neutral palette but would like to add some texture for interests sake. In that case, incorporating barbers carpets is an excellent choice for you! Allow barbers carpets with softer tones like grey or beige on single colored walls in areas such as bedrooms or bathrooms adds the perfect touch of chic.

3. Add A Traditional Touch To A Modern Room

Do you love modern decoration trends? Perhaps adding minimalist furniture and accessories throughout your house was all you ever wanted; however, have you stopped enjoying seeing exquisitely designed traditional rugs? The answer is integrating an area rug like a Barber Carpet throw into these contemporary spaces because they provide great contrast between styles whilst keeping everything else clean!

4. Blend Eastern And Western Styles

There are so many ways that one can incorporate Barbors Carpets into their interior design; one exciting way brings together both Eastern and Western motifs to create something eclectic yet harmonious at once! This is achieved by choosing complementary colors from opposite ends of the spectrum (such as blues and oranges) and placing them alongside the intricate patterns common to Eastern-inspired rugs.

5. Create A Focal Point

Bigger spaces with high ceilings can rapidly look disconnected without a defined focal point. Here, Barbors Carpets excellently come in handy if you seek to create an unmistakable statement piece! Choose a rug with eccentric designs or an oversized pattern to draw attention towards central pieces making it appear just as grand.

In conclusion, it is apparent that incorporating Barbors’s Carpets into modern decor strategies offer a fantastic way of introducing classic styles while still maintaining contemporary interior design trends’ dynamic feeling. By incorporating these versatile rugs, you will unleash that unique home-remodeling ability that all homeowners one day aspire to have.

Table with useful data:

Barbers Carpets Inventory
Product Name Size Color Price
Alhambra 8′ x 10′ Gray $799.00
Manhattan 9′ x 12′ Beige $1,199.00
Paris 6′ x 9′ Blue $599.00
Rome 10′ x 14′ Brown $1,899.00

Information from an expert

As an expert in the field of carpets, I can confidently say that barbers carpets are a popular choice for many homeowners. These carpets have a unique design pattern that is reminiscent of the haircuts given by barbers in olden days. The lines on these carpets represent the traditional flutes on barber’s poles, making them a visually appealing option for any room. They are also durable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for high-traffic areas of homes or businesses. Overall, barbers carpets offer both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Historical fact:

During the Middle Ages, barbers not only provided haircuts and shaves but also acted as surgeons and dentists. They often used carpets to provide a clean surface for their procedures, leading to the term “barber’s carpets.”

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