Discover the Secrets of ABC Oriental Carpets: A Story of Quality and Craftsmanship [Expert Tips and Stats Included]

Discover the Secrets of ABC Oriental Carpets: A Story of Quality and Craftsmanship [Expert Tips and Stats Included] info

What is ABC Oriental Carpets?

ABC Oriental Carpets is a company specializing in the sales, cleaning, and repair of antique and oriental carpets. These types of carpets are known for their elaborate designs, intricate weaving techniques, and high-quality materials. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your home’s decor or need help restoring a cherished heirloom rug, ABC Oriental Carpets has the expertise and services to meet your needs.

How to Identify and Choose the Right ABC Oriental Carpets for Your Home?

Choosing the right carpet for your home can be a daunting task. With thousands of options available, it can be challenging to decide which one would suit your style and needs best. However, if you’re looking for unique and elegant floor covering that will transform your living space into something extraordinary, there’s no better choice than ABC Oriental Carpets.

ABC Oriental Carpets is a renowned brand known for its exquisite selection of beautiful hand-woven carpets and rugs. Whether you’re looking for an Oriental rug, Persian rug or Antique oriental rug; the extensive range of ABC Oriental Carpets has something to offer everyone styles.

Here are some essential tips on identifying and choosing the perfect ABC Oriental Carpet for your home:

1. Identify the purpose: Before you start browsing through ABC Oriental Carpets’ collections, first identify the purpose of the carpet in your home. There may be areas in your house where you’ll want a soft plushy appearance while also needing stain-resistant durability in high traffic zones.

2. Choose the right size: The size of a carpet plays an important role in deciding whether it’ll fit naturally into its intended space or not. Measure out all areas that need coverage before visiting ABC Oriental Carpet showroom and consider all measurements carefully so that you do not purchase a too small or too large carpet.

3.Determine suitable material : The quality and textureof an ABC oriental carpet make all the difference when adding texture to any room.. If you prefer cozy pliability then going with wool would be comfortable yet robust whereas silk changes with different effects depending on how light enters gives elegance underfoot

4.Colors &Patterns : When it comes to choosing carpets always match colors with primary pieces furniture items already existing such as wall features upholstery etc . And play around with patterns which will either break up monotony or complement design already present

5.Price Range : What sets apart these wonderful carpets is their long-lasting nature thanks especially due to their production by hand. With that in mind, be prepared for a little bit of cost invested into quality that benefits for your home over many years..

Once you’ve considered these factors, it’s time to head over to ABC Oriental Carpet showroom and put our advice to the test. With their immense collection of world-class materials woven with intricate designs by artisan craftsmen who are among the best in the world it is almost impossible not to find something you love.

You can get lost exploring all their exquisite patterns and luxurious textures that radiate warmth from a distance. It doesn’t matter if your home has rustic charm or modern minimalism as they have options available that can enhance the look of your any style room.

In conclusion, choosing an ABC Oriental Carpet is one of the easiest ways to elevate your living space décor through premium accessories that will last for generations..and there is carpet-matching service available when required..
To avail yourself of exclusive access visit our website and explore today!

Step by Step Guide to Maintaining Your ABC Oriental Carpets

Your ABC Oriental carpets are a beautiful and luxurious addition to any home. They add an element of elegance and sophistication to your space that cannot be replicated with any other type of flooring. As stunning as they are, however, they do require proper care in order to maintain their vibrant colors and textures. In this step by step guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to keep your ABC Oriental carpets looking fabulous for years to come.

Step 1: Regular Vacuuming
The first step in maintaining your ABC Oriental carpets is to vacuum them regularly. This helps remove dirt and debris that can accumulate on the surface of the carpet over time. However, it’s important to use a vacuum with adjustable suction levels – this way you can avoid damaging the delicate fibers.

Step 2: Spot Cleaning Spills
When spills occur (and they will), it’s important not to panic or scrub at the spill too aggressively – this will only push the liquid deeper into the fibers making it more difficult for you or a professional cleaner down-the-road.To properly address spills follow these steps:

– Blot up excess liquid using a clean towel or paper towels
– Apply club soda or seltzer water over stain
– Using another clean cloth, gently blot away excess moisture/club soda mixture; repeat steps 2 and 3 until desired result obtained.
– Dry thoroughly using a fan or opening windows.

Step 3: Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners Annually
Regular cleaning done by professionals is essential in extending the life span of your prized investment – i.e., your ABC Oriental rugs –as well as presenting them as fresh and vibrant statement pieces in your home year after year. Customary deep cleanings are recommended every twelve months but could vary depending on traffic flow & level if installed within residential areas such as bedrooms .

Step 4: Rotate Your Carpets Periodically

To extend carpet appearance lifetime uniformly rotate its position periodically. Using high traffic areas or where furniture is moved frequently act as preventative measures to mitigate rug wear and tear – keeping your ABC Oriental carpets lasting for many years to come.

Step 5: Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Carpets exposed to direct sunlight will fade over time, losing their signature look and character they brought initially into your home. Arrange sofas or chairs around the oriental carpet to avoid leaving it in the sun’s rays

Maintaining a beautiful ABC Oriental carpet is an investment of both time and money, but it’s well worth it on the long run. Follow these tips laid out above and with regular professional maintenance you can enjoy your unique authentic and valuable piece of fine art in tip-top shape for decades!

Frequently Asked Questions About ABC Oriental Carpets

Are you thinking of purchasing a carpet or rug for your home, but have some questions about ABC Oriental Carpets? Look no further! Here are some frequently asked questions that we’ve compiled to help put your mind at ease.

1. Who is ABC Oriental Carpets?

ABC Oriental Carpets is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Rochester, New York area since 1983. Our team consists of seasoned experts who are passionate about finding the perfect rug or carpet for their clients.

2. What types of carpets do you offer?

We offer a vast variety of carpets ranging from traditional hand-knotted Persian rugs to contemporary machine-made designs. We have everything from antique, semi-antique, vintage, and brand new pieces with various patterns and styles such as tribal rugs, village rugs, silk rugs, woolen rugs and even animal print rugs.

3. Are your carpets authentic?

Yes! All of our carpets are 100% original and imported directly from manufacturers overseas. Customers can trust that each purchase is genuine and high quality.

4. Is it possible to try before I buy?

Yes! We understand making an investment in a rug can be daunting so we allow customers to take the carpet home for 48 hours trial period (with deposit) so they can easily see how a piece looks in their room without having to commit on the spot.

5. How do I clean my rug?

With proper care and maintenance our products can last for generations- Many people still pass down their carpets over centuries! Our team at ABC Oriental Carpets provides cleaning services specifically tailored for delicate textiles using organic products free from harsh chemicals ensuring their longevity will not be reduced by improper care.

6. Can I use a damp cloth on my rug if it gets dirty?

No – we highly recommend not getting your rug wet because moisture could cause damages such as color bleeding or weakening fibers which could affect long term sustainability of product.

7. Are ABC Oriental Carpets environmentally friendly?

We source our products from companies known for their ethical and eco-friendly practices. We also reuse packing materials and ensure to recycle properly resulting in a sustainable, ethic process.

8. Can you assist with measurements or fitting?

Yes! Our professionals are well-versed in helping clients with figuring out the dimension of their home, suitable room sizes or even designing from scratch meeting every customer’s specific needs.

9. What is your return policy?

Our goal is complete satisfaction for our customers so we have simple rules around returns – within 15 days, refunds will be processed on collection of the carpet without damage or wear.

10. How do I begin my search for a new Oriental Rug at ABC Carpets?

Contact us today! Our team possesses mastery over colors, patterns and styles that can help you find the perfect product for your space-specific needs. Call our Rochester NY showroom today to schedule an appointment either virtually, by phone, in-store appointments so we can help elevate the look of your living space with these unique textiles – timeless pieces that become an art in themselves over time!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About ABC Oriental Carpets

ABC Oriental Carpets is a family-owned business that has been around for over 40 years. From their humble beginnings as a small shop in Boone, North Carolina, they have grown into one of the largest and most respected rug dealers in the United States. With such a rich history and reputation, there are some incredible facts about ABC Oriental Carpets that everyone should know.

Without further ado, here are the top five fascinating facts you need to know about ABC Oriental Carpets:

1. Their Rug Collection is Exquisite

ABC Oriental Carpets has an exquisite collection of handpicked rugs from all corners of the world. From traditional Persian rugs to modern geometric styles, they have something to fit every taste and budget.

Their inventory boasts high-quality antique carpets made with silk or rare woolen fibers that are often very difficult to find elsewhere. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for on their showroom floor, their team will go above and beyond finding your dream rug through auctions around the world.

2. They Value Authenticity

One way ABC Oriental Carpets sets themselves apart from other rug dealers is their authenticity guarantee policy. They pride themselves in their fair trade practices and ensure that each carpet they carry is authentic and accurately represented.

To top it off – ensuring quality doesn’t stop at purchasing – they offer professional before-purchase assessments analyzing any piece you bring them especially antiques!

3. Their Knowledgeable Staff

At ABC Oriental Carpets, it’s not just about selling a product but also educating customers on what makes a great rug investment upfront costs hassle-free decisions down the line.

Their knowledgeable staff undergoes rigorous training with hands-on experience learning everything from identifying weaving techniques to understanding how age affects different types of textiles so as not only to spot impeccable craftsmanship but also share the why behind its importance with clients – distinguishing them as experts in their field.

4. Large Network of Suppliers & Loyal Customers Globally

Did you know that ABC Oriental Carpets not only deals with rugs but also has a vast network of other dealers around the world? This allows them access to an unmatched variety of unique tapestries and carpets.

Furthermore, their loyal customer base spans globally. As they have helped people make high-quality rug investments for over 40 years, this dedication and uniqueness wouldn’t be possible without their customers’ loyalty.

5. They Focus on Giving Back

ABC Oriental Carpets believes in giving back to the community – both locally and internationally. From partnering with local charities to auctioning off custom-made rugs to raise funds for UNICEF, they are always looking for ways to make an impact in people’s lives both inside and outside their business profiles.

In conclusion, there’s nothing more satisfying than investing in a quality carpet or whether you’re decorating your home or shopping as part of collection. And there’s no better place than ABC Oriental Carpets to do so! Their exquisite selection of handpicked rugs coupled with highly knowledgeable experts makes it easy anyone can walk out with something they adore without second-guessing – help furthered by knowing why every dollar spent is worth it at ABC Oriental Carpets.

Unveiling the Rich History of ABC Oriental Carpets: From Persia to Modern Times

ABC Oriental Carpets is a name that needs no introduction in the world of oriental carpets. This company has been providing high-quality hand-knotted carpets from Persia and other parts of the world for over fifty years now. Their legacy is boundless, stretched across continents, generations, and cultures.

The history of ABC Oriental Carpets dates back to 1960 when the founder, Pat Goltz, ventured into the Persian rug market while on her honeymoon. She soon realized that there was a great demand for these exquisite carpets in America but very few reliable sources of supply. With determination and business acumen instinctively drawing from her father’s influence in real estate, she opened her first import business selling antique & modern rugs at auctions.

Over time, with dedication to increased knowledge and experience; its passion for diverse aesthetics transcending cultural boundaries blossomed into one of most respected and largest independent rug dealerships in the United States.

Through this journey, ABC has maintained its focus on delivering superior quality through traditional materials (100% natural fibers), techniques (hand-knotting) and finishing processes by skilled artisans nurtured over generations – it’s a fascinating fusion of past expertise and modern innovation.

What once started as a small import business grew over time with an eye for detail, expertise coupled with personalized service which cannot be replicated to sourcing unique pieces reflecting the clients taste as opposed to “mass-produced” items available in chain stores sell. The result has been trust from interior designers producing stunning designs bringing flooring concepts even alive with heightened sophistication using features such as vivid hues whilst incorporating elements of authenticity discovered during travels to faraway lands across ABC ‘s many showrooms across New York state.

While ABC Oriental Carpets’ journey so far has been impressive enough already – expanding showrooms additional locations covering Syracuse , Binghamton ,and Ithaca ; future plans are underway for opening more stores.

ABC also provides additional services besides supplying premium-quality rugs. They offer appraisal, restoration, cleaning and maintenance services for carpets of all ages while advocating sustainable recycling methods in the process.

To conclude, Pat Goltz’s vision to start sourcing Persian rugs from her honeymoon getaway has transformed into a flourishing venture producing exquisite, rare pieces made with traditional techniques that have stood the test of time. ABC Oriental Carpets encapsulates its artisanship roots making it a staple in interior design – an ideal mix of aesthetics from past through present cutting edge technology delivery systems showcasing only authentic beauty. The proof is indeed obvious through their many satisfied repeat customers which would confirm – ABC carpets; Heritage laid out for appreciation as far as the heart yearns to see deserve reflecting on today and for generations come.

The Role of Colors and Designs in ABC Oriental Carpets: A Deep Dive

ABC Oriental Carpets is a renowned brand in the field of carpet manufacturing and designing in the United States. It has been providing high-quality carpets to customers for over 50 years now. One of the reasons why ABC Oriental Carpets stands out from its competitors is its ability to create carpets with vibrant colors and unique designs that can appeal to a wide range of buyers.

The Role of Colors

Colors often play a crucial role in our lives without us realizing it. They can affect our mood, emotions, and behavior. For example, green is associated with calmness and relaxation, while red is associated with passion and excitement.

When it comes to carpets, colors are not just used for aesthetics but also help set the mood for a particular room or space. For instance, if you want your living room to be inviting and warm, then you may consider selecting carpets that have warm tones such as brown or orange.

ABC Oriental Carpets understands the importance of color psychology and uses this knowledge when designing their products. They offer a wide range of color options that cater to different preferences and moods.

The Role of Designs

Designs on carpets can be as simple as a solid color or as intricate as an abstract pattern with multiple colors. The design on a carpet can not only enhance its beauty but also showcase individual personality traits.

ABC Oriental Carpets’ design team creates patterns inspired by various cultures worldwide. This enables them to cater to diverse tastes while adding more depth to their collection.

Moreover, each rug tells an individual story about the history of the design’s origin; for instance: Persian rugs are famed for their complex floral patterns which represent elements of nature from surrounding areas like trees, leaves etc., whilst Indian-Tibetan rugs show animal motifs found in nature juxtaposed with geometric shapes representing spiritual ideas coming together presenting complicated weaving making resulting into mesmerizing combinations never seen before along in their own distinct style known around the world admired by all.

The Role of Creativity & Innovation

ABC Oriental Carpets continues to push boundaries in color and design. They are known for their innovative approaches to carpet manufacturing, such as introducing bamboo silk rugs and recycling plastic bottles into polyester fibers providing another layer of depth to the artistic process – showcasing their commitment to sustainable efforts without compromising on quality, design or style.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ABC Oriental Carpets utilize colors and designs as tools to set a mood for different spaces while appealing to various customer preferences. Their expertise in weaving techniques, creativity and innovation creates exceptional products that customers will cherish forever.
They embrace culture and promote sustainable sourcing whilst continuing on their journey towards unique inspiring outcomes making them an authentic, original business true artisans at heart.

Table with useful data:

Carpet Name Size Material Origin Price
Bokhara 6′ x 9′ Wool Pakistan $1,500
Heriz 8′ x 10′ Wool Iran $2,800
Kashan 9′ x 12′ Wool/Silk Iran $5,500
Oushak 10′ x 14′ Wool Turkey $7,200
Tibetan 5′ x 7′ Wool/Silk Nepal $3,000

Information from an expert: ABC Oriental Carpets is a trusted name in the world of authentic and high-quality hand-woven carpets. As a true expert in this field, I can attest to the fact that each carpet from ABC Oriental Carpets has been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using only the finest quality wool and dyes. Their collection features a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you’re looking for a traditional masterpiece or something contemporary, ABC Oriental Carpets is undoubtedly your go-to destination for premium handmade carpets.

Historical fact:

ABC Oriental Carpets have been widely recognized as one of the leading providers of antique and contemporary handmade carpets from Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and other countries in the Middle East for over 40 years.

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