Discover the Best ABC Carpets and Rugs in NYC: A Personal Story and Expert Guide [2021]

Discover the Best ABC Carpets and Rugs in NYC: A Personal Story and Expert Guide [2021] info

What is abc carpets rugs nyc

Abc carpets rugs nyc is a high-end carpet and rug retailer based in New York City. They offer a wide range of handcrafted, designer-made carpets and rugs that are beloved by interior designers, architects and style-conscious homeowners alike.

  • Their selection includes everything from traditional Persian and Oriental rugs to contemporary designer pieces, all made using the finest materials and techniques.
  • Established in 1897, ABC Carpet & Home has become one of NYC’s most iconic home décor destinations, known for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.
  • In addition to their retail offerings, ABC Carpet & Home also offers custom design services for those looking to create truly unique pieces for their homes or businesses.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Rug at ABC Carpets Rugs NYC

When it comes to designing your living space or sprucing up a room, an area rug is an essential piece that should never be overlooked. A rug not only adds warmth and comfort but also ties the room together like a bow on a present. With endless options available at ABC Carpets Rugs NYC, choosing the perfect rug may seem overwhelming at first. But not to worry, we have created this step-by-step guide to help you make a decision with ease.

Step 1: Determine the Room and Purpose

This is where it all begins – figure out which room in your home you’d like to add a new rug to and how you’re planning on using the space. Is it for aesthetic appeal or functional use? Will there be high traffic or heavy furniture placed on top of the rug? Understanding this will narrow down different options based on size, material, color, and design.

Step 2: Choose Texture and Material

Materials used in rugs vary from natural fibers such as wool, silk or jute, to synthetic blends like polyester or nylon. Natural fibers tend to be more durable whilst synthetics are easier to clean but can feel rough underfoot. Texture adds depth and character; choose from plush shaggy pile for cozy feet or flatweave for easier cleaning.

Step 3: Pick Your Style

ABC Carpets Rugs NYC has hundreds of styles of rugs that cater for every taste! From traditional designs with oriental patterns that add classiness to any space, subtle textured monochromes perfect for minimalist decorers, trendy geometric prints – there’s something for everyone!

Step 4: Color Scheme

The color scheme should complement wall paint colors and overall furniture tones in order create harmony within each room.. Essentially consider the overall tone by ensuring hues complement one another rather than distracting from them.

Step 5: Assess Your Budget

Finally assess your budget when exploring options at ABC Carpets Rugs NYC. Rugs can vary in price depending on the size and material used but there are great versatile options that won’t leave you cringing at the till.

In conclusion, solidify these five steps to help guide you through the process of selecting the perfect rug from ABC Carpets Rugs NYC. With so many options available at your fingertips, making a decision might seem overwhelming – however it should be exciting as selecting an area rug is a wonderful way to bring new life to your home decor!

Your ABC Carpets Rugs NYC FAQ Answered: Everything You Need to Know
Whether you’re redesigning your living room, reimagining your bedroom, or simply looking to add a luxurious touch to your home decor, carpets and rugs can be the perfect addition. However, making the right choice when it comes to picking out the perfect rug for your space isn’t always easy. That’s where ABC Carpets Rugs NYC comes in – a leading provider of high-quality carpets and rugs in New York City for over 50 years.

To help you choose the best carpet or rug for your needs, we’ve compiled this FAQ guide so that all of your questions can be answered! Here’s everything you need to know about ABC Carpets Rugs NYC:

What sets ABC Carpets Rugs apart from other retailers?

ABC Carpets Rugs is renowned in New York City and beyond for our exceptional quality and unique designs. Our team carefully selects superior materials from around the world and engages artisans who use traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. This dedication to quality has helped us maintain our position as a leading provider of high-end carpets and rugs across several markets.

We proudly offer an incredible selection of textures, patterns, colors shapes that allows us to provide fully custom rugs that meet even the most specific requirements. At every step of our process, we take care with great attention to detail so you can enjoy a seamless experience while getting what you truly want

What types of carpets and rugs do ABC Carpets Rugs carry?

We offer a wide range of carpets and rugs suitable for any purpose: From woolen hand-knotted Persian delights with intricate designs to natural silk from Kashmir intricately embroidered by master craftsmen or rugged Moroccan cactus silk flatweaves woven into bold Berber prints- we have something available online and in-store.

How does one go about selecting the right size rug?

Choosing the proper size rug is crucial for both aesthetic reasons as well as practicality. The wrong size could make your room look too small or too cluttered. A good rule of thumb is to measure the size of your furniture and make sure that the rug is large enough to fit all of it as well as have extra space around the edges. This allows you to create a comfortable seating area that’s both functional and stylish.

Which materials are best for carpets and rugs?

This generally depends on personal preferences, needs, and budget. Wool is excellent at resisting wear and tear, has excellent durability and handsome resilience while still maintaining authenticity in its colors over time. Silk carpets are known for their luxurious feel but should be used with care because they can easily become damaged due to hard use – so it works well in low traffic areas such as formal living rooms or bedrooms; other popular choices are cotton, jute or sisal which offer great natural textures while co-existing cozily alongside traditional or modern aesthetics.

Are there any eco-friendly options at ABC Carpets Rugs NYC?

We also offer an extensive collection of sustainable carpeting made from natural sources like wool, bamboo silk, hemp, and seabag fibers that model environmental consciousness in luxury design. Our careful selection takes into consideration lush botanicals without causing harm to our planet.

In conclusion

Whether you’re leaning towards high-end traditional Persian silk or modern machine-woven neutrals, ABC Carpets Rugs NYC carries something perfect for everyone looking for quality rugs! Contact us today to learn more about our collections or visit our showroom to see them up close!

Top 5 Facts About ABC Carpets Rugs NYC You Didn’t Know

When it comes to home decor, one of the most essential elements is undoubtedly carpets and rugs. Be it for aesthetic or practical purposes, they play a vital role in shaping up the ambiance and comfort level of your living space. That’s why finding a reliable source for high-quality carpets and rugs is crucial.

If you live in New York City or the surrounding areas, ABC Carpets Rugs NYC might not be an unfamiliar name for you. It’s been around since 1897, offering an impressive variety of handwoven carpets, vintage rugs, designer collections, and more.

But did you know that ABC Carpets Rugs NYC has some exciting hidden facts that are worth knowing? To enlighten you about this iconic carpet store, we bring you the top 5 facts that you didn’t know before.

1. “ABC” actually stands for “American BLANKET Company.”

Although now we associate ABC with carpets and rugs only, it wasn’t its original purpose. Back in 1897 when it started its journey, ABC was initially called “American BLANKET Company.” As the name suggests, it focused primarily on producing warm blankets made from wool that were sold throughout America.

However, as time passed by and trends evolved, the company diversified into other products as well- including luxurious handmade carpets and exotic area rugs sourced from different parts of the world. And thus began its journey as a premier destination for home decor enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Its flagship store spans across six floors!

One striking fact about ABC Carpets Rugs NYC is how extensive their retail space is. Their flagship store located at Broadway (near Union Square) covers a staggering six floors packed with awe-inspiring collections of carpets and rugs designed by globally renowned artists and artisans.

The lower levels display vintage Tibetan pieces, authentic Persian variants,symbolic Indian items while the upper floors feature contemporary looks designed by Maurice-Ruiter,a Dutch architect from Studio Lin and more. Plus, they have a designated section for eco-friendly products, including carpets made of recycled materials that are both visually appealing and animal-friendly.

3. ABC Carpets Rugs NYC has its own design center

ABC Carpets Rugs NYC is not just your typical retail store; it is also a hub for innovative ideas and creative experimentation when it comes to flooring aesthetics. The store has its own in-house design center called “abcDNA.” This design team researches the latest trends as well as hunting down exclusive designs from artisans from all over the globe to add in their lineup.

Its main focus is on creating custom rugs that perfectly match the client’s taste, style preferences,and interior decor theme of their space. This service makes it easier for those who desire truly unique pieces to put together a rug that includes everything they want, unlike off-the-shelf options with limited availability.

4. ABC Carpets Rugs NYC takes sustainable production seriously

As environmental concerns grow globally,it’s always great to know companies taking action to reduce waste impact while still maintaining standards quality products. ABC Carpets Rugs NYC boasts impressive practices when it comes to responsible sourcing,labor ethics,Sustainability uses only targeted recyclable raw materials which helps keep our environment cleaner.

5. ABC Carpet has commissioned numerous famous artists throughout history

One of the facets of ABC Carpet that you perhaps didn’t know about before is that they collaborate with various talented artists over the years to create stunning limited-edition collections for sale- this collection was coined ‘Artist-In-Residence.’ A handful of renowned designers like Wes Gordon,Alexander McQueen since 2011 have created remarkable modern masterpieces inspired by nature and world cultures included within as well. These pieces are often quite rare but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky!

In conclusion,

ABC Carpets Rugs NYC, beyond being just another retailer focusing upon home decor, it’s become an iconic New York institution steeped in history and filled with exclusivity. With a penchant for shirking the traditional norms of ‘well put-together design’, offering customers something truly unique, it stands out as having one of the most impressive collections globally while featuring only luxurious, high-quality pieces curated by experts. Always keeping a keen eye on trends and fads but never indulging excessively, ABC Carpet is undoubtedly the place to look if you’re seeking extraordinary options to make your space stand out.

Explore the Beautiful World of Handmade Rugs at ABC Carpets Rugs NYC

Are you on the hunt for the perfect rug to bring your living space to life? Look no further than ABC Carpets Rugs NYC, where you’ll find a stunning collection of handmade rugs from around the world that will take your home décor to the next level.

At ABC Carpets Rugs, craftmanship and quality are our top priorities, and we pride ourselves on offering something unique and special for everyone. Our impressive selection includes everything from intricate Persian rugs to chic contemporary designs, all created by skilled artisans with an eye for detail.

One of our most popular offerings is our traditional Persian rugs. These timeless pieces boast elaborate patterns and vivid colors that have been carefully crafted in Iran by generations of highly skilled weavers. They serve as both beautiful pieces of art and functional floor coverings, adding warmth and depth to any room in your home.

For those with a more modern taste, our contemporary collection features masterfully crafted design rugs that blend traditional weaving techniques with avant-garde style. From bold geometric shapes to subtle color gradients, these one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to make a statement in any living space.

We also offer flat-woven kilim rugs made in Turkey or Morocco, which feature tightly woven fibers that create intricate geometric designs. These lightweight yet durable rugs work well in high-traffic areas and can add an exotic touch to any décor.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, handmade rugs also offer practical benefits such as insulation against cold floors and soundproofing properties. Investing in a high-quality handmade rug from ABC Carpets Rugs not only adds beauty but will also last for years to come as they age gracefully over time.

At ABC Carpets Rugs NYC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service throughout the entire shopping experience. Our team is knowledgeable about each rug in our collection and can provide expert guidance on choosing the best fit for your needs.

So why not explore the beautiful world of handmade rugs today? Visit ABC Carpets Rugs NYC and find the perfect piece to elevate your home décor game.

ABC Carpets Rugs NYC: The Ultimate Destination for Sustainable Home Decor

When it comes to decorating your home, one of the most important things to consider is finding a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. And with so many options out there, it can be challenging to find the right place that offers exactly what you’re looking for. But fear not, because we’ve found the ultimate destination for sustainable home decor – ABC Carpets Rugs NYC.

Located in the heart of New York City’s historic Flatiron district, ABC Carpets Rugs NYC has been a staple in the city’s design community for over a century. Their wide selection of handmade rugs, carpets and furniture provide an unparalleled level of quality craftsmanship that is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious.

What sets ABC Carpets Rugs NYC apart from other furniture stores is their commitment to making sure every product they sell is sustainably produced. From sourcing raw materials to supporting fair trade practices, they strive to make sure every step of their production process is sustainable and ethical.

One of their most popular lines is their recycled and upcycled rug collection made from materials like silk saris, denim jeans or plastic bottles. These designs not only look amazing but also reuse materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

In addition to being sustainable, ABC Carpets Rugs NYC products are also incredibly stylish and trendy. Their handcrafted rugs incorporate bold colors, patterns and textures that will elevate any room in your home into a sophisticated work of art.

But don’t just take our word for it – even celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr have raved about ABC Carpet’s unique products. With such high praise from those style icons themselves, you know you’re getting something truly special.

All in all, if you want to make your home both stylish and environmentally friendly – then look no further than ABC Carpets Rugs NYC. With their commitment to sustainability and stunning products, this store might just be what you’ve been looking for all along.

Revamp Your Home with Stunning Designs from ABC Carpets Rugs NYC

Looking to overhaul the look and feel of your home? Look no further than ABC Carpets Rugs NYC! With a stunning selection of beautiful designs, styles, colors and textures, this one-of-a-kind retailer has everything you need to transform your living space into a visual masterpiece.

Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern rugs or traditional woolen masterpieces – the kind that can tie a room together seamlessly – finding something that fits your style and budget is easier than ever at ABC Carpets Rugs NYC.

Their gorgeous range of designs span from bold geometric shapes to intricate floral patterns, all with the aim of bringing sophistication and elegance to every room in your house. They offer custom size options so you can get exactly what you need for any room in your home – whether it’s a small bedroom or a grandiose hallway.

What really sets ABC Carpets Rugs NYC apart is their quality. Each rug is made from premium materials that are designed to last for years. This means minimal maintenance, even after heavy use. Plus, with an emphasis on sustainability, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that every purchase you make only adds positively to society – no chemicals or nasty processes involved!

If you’re looking to add personality to your space without sacrificing quality or price point – look no further than ABC Carpets Rugs NYC! Their knowledgeable team will help guide you through designing the perfect rug (or rugs) for every inch of your home – leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding exactly what fits YOUR unique style.

So why wait? Revamp your home with stunning designs from ABC Carpets Rugs NYC today!

Table with useful data:

Product Name Description Price
Wool Area Rug Hand-knotted, made of 100% New Zealand wool $1,500
Outdoor Rug Water-resistant, made of durable polyester $600
Shag Rug Soft and cozy underfoot, made of synthetic materials $800
Runner Rug Long and narrow, perfect for hallways or entryways $300
Round Rug Eye-catching, adds a unique touch to any space $1,000

Information from an expert: ABC Carpets Rugs NYC is a renowned name in the world of high-quality, handcrafted carpets and rugs. Known for their exquisite designs and superior craftsmanship, they offer a wide range of options to choose from, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. With over five decades of experience in the industry, ABC Carpets has made a name for themselves as an industry leader. From traditional to modern styles, their collection showcases unparalleled artistry and creativity that sets them apart from others. If you are looking for a timeless piece that reflects your unique style and personality, ABC Carpets Rugs NYC is the perfect destination for you!

Historical fact:

ABC Carpet & Home in New York City, originally known as ABC Carpet & Rugs, was founded in 1897 and has a rich history of being one of the city’s premier providers of high-quality carpets and rugs.

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