Adding Elegance to Your Home with Roche Bobois Carpets

Short answer Roche Bobois Carpets: Roche Bobois is known for their sleek and modern furniture, but they also offer a range of stylish and high-quality carpets. These rugs are made with natural fibers like wool and silk, and feature unique designs that can complement any decor style.

Roche Bobois Carpets FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

If you’re looking to add a luxurious touch to your living space, the first place you might start is with a statement carpet. And when it comes to designer carpets, Roche Bobois has become something of an industry standard.

From their signature graphic prints to textured natural fibers and contemporary patterns, there’s no denying that a Roche Bobois carpet can give your home a sophisticated look. But before making any investment in one of these beautiful pieces, there are some important elements you should consider.

To help make sense of the world of Roche Bobois Carpets, we’ve put together this FAQ – everything you need to know about these high-end rugs before committing to purchase.

Q: What kinds of material are used for Roche Bobois Carpets?

A: One thing that makes this collection so special is the wide range of materials available. You’ll find everything from soft wool and silk blends through durable synthetics like polypropylene fibers on offer at Rocha Bobbis Store. They also use natural fabrics like cotton or jute where possible, all carefully selected for premium quality and feel underfoot.

Q: Do these carpets come in different sizes?

Yes! Depending on your needs, RBC themselves cover dimensions anywhere between 2×3 feet up to room-scale statements several meters long.

Sizing usually depends on the desired effect; smaller sizes work well as accent pieces against hardwood floors or tiling whereas larger-sized ones draw together large communal spaces effortlessly bringing people closer together around central focal points.

Q: Should I be concerned about maintenance?

A: As with any luxury item upkeep is key if wanting it maintain its full beauty potential & durability over time.Artisan-level manufacturers such as RBC understand and accommodate for constant usage – whether walked upon frequently by kids/pets/visitors or subjecting those meticulously-curated stains (either planned choreography marks detailing guests walking across them à la Red Carpet style) or the unfortunate ones that come from daily life happenstances. Regular vacuuming is essential, but Roche Bobois recommends professional carpet cleaning at least once a year for maximum longevity.

Q: How do I choose the right pattern and color?

A: Roche Bobois Carpets are excellent conversation-starters in your home decor as they serve both decoration purposes & breaking down barriers establishing connections between friends/clients/family who’ll immediately love to talk about specific stories behind designs which interests them most.

However keeping choices “on-brand” against overall interior aesthetic gives each space additional polish – If you’re looking to create an impact with striking colours such as blues, greens or reds then pair these rugs with plain walls – just ensure there’s enough contrast within any surrounding soft furnishing choices too!

For spaces already awash in intricate design patterns & bright tones RBC even has few highly sophisticated neutral-coloured options perfect for grounding those high-statement pieces when seeking visual respite.

Q: Are there any environmental concerns involved in buying a Roche Bobois Carpet?

A: Yes! In terms of sustainability Rocha-Bobbis only sources materials from reputable suppliers certified under international frameworks for ethical sourcing processes while continuously working on efficiencies across all manufacturing proceses and waste reduction measures.Any invested item undergoes scrutiny by their Sustainability Team whose quality control serves alongside expected predetermined certifications.

So whether purchasing oneof-their carpets sourced from organic cotton/silk/hemp /wool —or others made entirely recycled yarn-reels- rest assured that your possession contributes towards fair trade practices.

In conclusion, investing in a Roche Bobois Carpet can add so much more than just texture and warmth to your living space; it can also be an intrinsic part of highlighting your unique style sense– ultimately adding significant value to every facet of aesthetics-& sustainability creativity. 

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Roche Bobois Carpets

When it comes to luxury furniture, Roche Bobois is a brand that needs no introduction. Founded back in 1960 by two families who shared a passion for design, the French company has since become renowned across the globe for its stunning pieces of artful craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

One such range of products offered by Roche Bobois are their exquisite carpets – delectable floor adornments designed in-house with care and attention to detail. Here we highlight the top five facts you need to know about Roche Bobois Carpets:

1) The Carpets Are Handcrafted

Roche Bobois doesn’t just produce regular factory-made commercialized carpets- they handcraft each piece with great zeal and precision. From selection of raw materials to dying, weaving or knotting patterns at different densities; every stage follows a meticulous process. Whether using silk or wool blends to create intricate designs or brightening up spaces with bold hues like turquoise, violet or pink on one side while retaining muted colored tone underside – all styles take anywhere from four weeks up-to three months’ time depending on the complexity level.

2) A Combination Of Modern And Traditional Artistry Is Used In The Design Process

The design team working behind Rocha Bois combines contemporary styling trends with traditional artistry principles when creating these prized carpets collections.
They assimilate their creative ingenuity from various culture and trends across borders hence resulting into very dynamic fashionable yet luxurious products that add instant sophistication & charm wherever placed.

3) Premium Quality Materials Are Utilized In Manufacturing

Each Carpet produced under this label utilizes premium quality fibres sourced globally whether pure new wool ,silk viscose cotton Chenille lurex mixes . On further notice one can also spot flecks of honeycomb latex summing up over six layers for toughness resilience against wear-and-tear features topped off with an elegant finishes.

4) Eco-Friendly Techniques Are Used

In line with its corporate responsibility, Rocha Bobois utilize eco-friendly techniques in its manufacturing process. For instance the company uses organic materials like natural dyes or implements technology based on “air washing” of wool fibers which nullifies any harmful particles hence producing clean products.

5) Vast Options To Choose From

When it comes to variety Roche Bobois offers customers a wide range of carpets options whether plain colored rugs for formal settings or bohemian inspired patterns that resonate with an adventurous spirit . The collection is dynamic enough such that one can customize their own floor mat design and shape ideal for their space preference.

In conclusion, when you invest in Rocha Bois carpets be rest assured that not only are you purchasing beautiful works of art; but also high-quality and environmentally responsible pieces perfectly designed for your interiors – guaranteed to leave lasting impressions.

The Beauty of Roche Bobois Carpets: Exploring Different Styles and Patterns

When it comes to interior design, a rug or carpet can make all the difference in providing both style and comfort. Amongst the many designer brands on offer, Roche Bobois stands out as one of the leading purveyors of fine carpets with an exceptional flair for chic aesthetics.

With a wide range of styles and patterns available, exploring different types of Roche Bobois carpets will allow you to uncover unique designs that are perfect for your home décor needs. From contemporary patterns to traditional motifs inspired by world cultures, their collections encapsulate luxurious materials combined with high-quality craftsmanship.

Here are just some examples of what makes Roche Bobois Carpets truly special:

1. Contemporary Patterns

If you’re looking for something fresh and modern in your living space, then look no further than Roche Bobois’ forward-thinking approach to design. Their selection contains sleek geometric shapes, abstract prints and bold colors which serve as standout pieces in any room.

2. Traditional Inspiration

Roche Bobois’ influences span across centuries-old traditions from around the globe; such beautiful interpretations embodying ancient themes may be seen within their offerings rooted from Farsi calligraphy in Persian carpets or Ancient Mesoamerican symbols depicted on Mexican textiles.

3. Alternative Texturing

Depending on desired area’s application such as whether low pile textures for ease-of-cleaning areas like dining rooms or more voluminous shagpile options for creating coziness underfoot near fireplaces -Roche Bobois offers versatile alternatives- so why not consider combining textures!?

The meticulous care taken throughout each stage of production is evident: attention paid towards utilizing sustainable & environmentally-friendly fabrics wherever possible while remaining inclusive when choosing sizes compatible to varying room dimensions means everyone has an opportunity at accentuating individual style preferences!

In summary, if you’re seeking a sophisticated piece that adds glamour while also being practical due through great choice size formats – The diversity provided by Roche Bois’ selection of carpets and rugs is hard to beat. Striking the perfect balance between contemporary designs, traditional inspiration and smart alternatives in terms of texture options; each piece offers an experience that will invoke both elegance and functionality within any home aesthetic!

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